Holistic Nutrition + Fitness Postpartum 6 Week Program

Holistic Nutrition + Fitness Postpartum 6 Week Program

Nourished Mama's Manual to Postpartum Emblem

Conclude Feeling Like A Broken Model Of You

Feel Confident In Your Hold Pores and skin By…

  • Eating staunch foods on the top seemingly times to enhance metabolism

    and lose your baby weight.
  • Having protected exercises to heal diastasis recti and prolapse.
  • Finding out 5 minute practices to steadiness your hormones

    and toughen your mental well being.

Nourished Mama's Manual to Postpartum merchandise

Restore your energy, toughen your core and pelvic ground, and gather steadiness of your hormones after being pregnant with THIS info.

Don’t let exhaustion be the plan you neglect yourself postpartum.

Newborns are a LOT of work. You wouldn’t like time for additional examine. Invent self-care simple by permitting our 23 years of training and ride to be your step-by-step info to nourished motherhood.

Learn what’s “regular” to ride as a brand new mom.

With a total of 13 years of ride as moms ourselves, we perceive the challenges of motherhood. Whether or no longer or no longer it is diastasis recti, prolapse, low libido, repeatedly feeling exhausted, or being disconnected from everyone around you-our info can again. This info will tell you the vogue to confidently navigate the varied unknowns of motherhood.

Are you feeling the stress of “bouncing support” after being pregnant?

Becoming support into your pre-being pregnant jeans STARTS with adequately nourishing your body and following protected tell plans. Our info will present both!

Dietary supplements, recipes, protected weekly exercises- this info covers all of it.

You can be taught the vogue to steadiness your hormones, replenish your depleted vitamins, toughen your core and pelvic ground, and be misfortune-free with real this ONE info.

Charges decrease than 1/4 of what 1 on 1 services and products would tag.

Working with a Pelvic Floor Bodily Therapist and a Holistic Hormone Coach 1 on 1 would tag upwards of $900 for six weeks of care. This info is packed with treasured info for a allotment of the price.

Holding it simple potential that you can achieve success!

Each and a week you may possibly well possibly birth up your info (digital or printed replica) and tell a immediate 10-quarter-hour finding out about what you are going to be doing for the week to nourish and heal your postpartum body.

No longer Your Moderate Postpartum Manual

It be straightforward to trudge on YouTube and decide up postpartum “protected” exercises. You may possibly simply expose and experiment with your favourite influencer’s complement suggestions.  Pinterest is elephantine of “wholesome” postpartum recipes. BUT are those truly SAFE and HEALTHY suggestions that will work for YOU postpartum.

THIS info became as soon as no longer made by a Bodily Therapist that added in her favourite recipes or a Hormone Coach that advised just a few exercises she loved doing postpartum. NO!! THIS info became as soon as made by two varied consultants that blended forces to construct a COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE for your first 6 weeks postpartum.  We basically belief to be all of your wants-bodily and emotional.

Our hope is that you are going to feel energized, proper, hormonally balanced and basically supported as a total individual after polishing off this program.  Your body is working incredibly demanding.  You deserve the different to be a Nourished Mama!

What Exactly Does This Manual Consist of:


Weekly exercises designed particularly for newly postpartum moms (including those with diastasis recti and prolapse).


Toxin-free product recommendations for mom and baby including dietary supplements, affords, and holistic remedies.


Recipes and bid meals label recommendations to enhance depleted postpartum vitamins.


Ideas to title crimson flags indicating that your body is NOT therapeutic as it needs to be.


Care guidelines for perineal trauma, cesarean incisions, clogged ducts, and the utilization of your enhance machine.

Holistic Give a enhance to

Checklists, sources, merchandise, wholesome and guarded systems to switch are all included on this simple to love a study week-by-week info.

What’s In The Manual?

Postpartum Prep

Freezer meal tips with nourishing ingredients for therapeutic.  A mental well being checklist to prepare for postpartum. Solutions for plastic free pumping and milk storage affords.  A list of toxin-free postpartum need to-haves. Tricks for heading off and managing postpartum constipation. Ideas for affords to incorporate to your postpartum nesting put.

Postpartum Week One

Ideas for the vogue noteworthy off the bed tell to discontinue your first week postpartum. Your first two comfy strengthening exercises and a straightforward stretching tell.  Ideas to take care of pleased for people who experienced perineal trauma.  Therapeutic systems for people who like had cesarean deliveries.

Postpartum Week Two

Solutions for step by step rising your off the bed time this week.  Quite so a lot of extra early postpartum exercises along side stretches to steer clear of support misfortune.  Feeding predicament recommendations to steer clear of misfortune or to toughen latch and emptying for people who may possibly well moreover be breastfeeding.

Postpartum Week Three

Nourishment guidance including an example time table of what and when to tell.  Tricks for decoding your postpartum bleeding.  Contemporary strengthening exercises and two new stretches. A mental well being test-in and tips for holding connection to your relationships.  Ideas to title for people who may possibly well moreover be going to need pelvic ground bodily therapy attributable to perineal trauma.  How to steer clear of scar tissue around your cesarean incision.

Postpartum Week Four

Learn referring to the vogue to take care of your body protected whereas baby carrying and walking for tell. We’ll flip up the heat to your exercises real rather this week and introduce you to some stretches to take care of your pelvic ground tickled. This week you’ll be presented to desensitization for cesarean scars.

Postpartum Week Five

Explore systems to toughen sleep, toughen energy, and steadiness hormones and minerals postpartum. Learn about your postpartum menstrual cycle and guarded period merchandise. Name helpful inquiries to ask your provider at your postpartum be aware-up. Danger your body’s energy with three elephantine exercises for the week along side activities to take care of you stretched and misfortune-free.

Postpartum Week Six

Our model of the “sex focus on” is on the agenda for this week including lubricant recommendations, symptoms of atypical misfortune, and figuring out your libido. These with incisions will be taught the vogue to breakdown perineal scar tissue and adhesions on cesarean incisions. As soon as extra, thought on polishing off three elephantine exercises this week.



Bonus 1

Video Demonstrations

All exercises encompass hyperlinks and QR codes to video demonstrations with cues to love interaction your core and pelvic ground.

Bonus 2

Free Recipe E book

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & dessert recipes all included. 70 pages of simple meals tips to take care of you and your family nourished.

Bonus 3

MORE Financial savings

Cut price codes for all of our favorites! Pelvic ground instruments, menstrual merchandise, dietary supplements and extra. The complete merchandise we tell, imply, and love.

kara mom of two

“The Nourished Mama’s Manual to Postpartum is an unheard of intention to info you through your postpartum dawdle. I wish I’d like had this info after my first born nonetheless it absolutely served me well after my 2nd born! I had an emergency c-part, and the guidelines helped me impact self belief by strengthening my bodily and mental well-being.”

mom at seashore

“I certainly align with this and contemplate it’s mountainous treasured info for every and each mama to love. And I need these strengthening exercises broad time! I also love how you’ve both perineal & c-part care together. Meets every birth ride correct where they’re.”

Nourished Mamas

Manual to postpartum

Step-by-step 6 week postpartum program to restore your energy, gather you stronger, and retain hormone and mineral steadiness to your body after being pregnant.

  • Immediate Delivery
  • Receive or Print On the present time

  • Free Printed Reproduction Included

Hiya, I am Dr. Nicole

I’m very accustomed to feeling broken, overwhelmed, and fully unprepared at a time after I’m “supposed” to be falling in love with my new baby.

Most americans know me as a Pelvic Floor Bodily Therapist sharing motherhood guidelines and hacks on my YouTube channel, Doctor Nicole. Nonetheless I haven’t repeatedly had the complete solutions.

After the birth of my first son my body became as soon as a mess. Due to an unexpected episiotomy, I couldn’t sit down on traditional chairs for weeks and intercourse became as soon as downright not seemingly. Add on an spacious pregnant belly that had grew to alter into into diastasis recti postpartum, and you’ve got yourself a hot mess.

I know what it’s love to feel mom-guilt. I’m presupposed to ride being a brand new mom, BUT all I can take into memoir is how I silent search pregnant and I could possibly moreover under no circumstances like an orgasm again.

Nonetheless now I’m blessed to be running around the seashore with my 3 boys and having fun with my time in the bedroom bigger than ever sooner than. I’m proof that your body doesn’t need to take care of broken after having infants.

Over the final 5 years, I like labored with a total bunch of in-individual purchasers to reclaim their postpartum our bodies and now females world broad are finding hormonal steadiness, core energy and joy internal 6 weeks of getting their infants by…

Discovering the first to forsaking brokenness and feeling beautiful in their possess pores and skin again!

Dr. Nicole and small boy

Dr. Nicole

Meet Leisha

After battling her possess imbalances that seemed as acne and migraines in her early life and making an are attempting all of the mainstream fixes, she started to discontinue her possess examine.  She realized that every little thing we place apart in and on our body matters, and that tell no longer only strengthens the body nonetheless has a big kind on our stress and detoxification pathways. As she started to hunt for improvements in her possess well being, she became interested by sharing her ride with others so as that they wouldn’t need to be stuck in the pattern of “regular” that is to this level from abundant wellness.

Leisha Drews and young americans

Leisha Drews

Usually Requested Questions

What occurs after I aquire this info?

Who is that this info perfect for?

Ought to silent I make investments on this sooner than or after I like my baby?

When will my printed replica of the guidelines advance?



Entails a 6 week core and pelvic ground strengthening tell program, over 100 complete meals recipes, mental well being checklists, and professional recommendations for therapeutic mentally and physically after having your baby.

  • Delivery On the present time
  • Downloadable + Printed Reproduction Included
  • 100% Delight Money Attend Guarantee

Like a flash insist from Leisha and

Dr. Nicole

Whereas social media and diet custom are pressuring new moms to leap support like a flash and gather support to doing the complete issues ASAP, we’re making a put that is varied.  Being a Nourished Mama potential replenishing yourself, resting, fueling your body with quality vitamins, restoring hasten, and finding joy to your new identification. Our hope is that after spending 6 weeks postpartum with us, you are going to feel confident and energized to your role as a mom.

You are fully protected by our 100% Delight-Guarantee.

If, for any plan, you are no longer tickled with the Nourished Mama’s Manual to Postpartum, contact us and we are able to refund 100% of your money, no questions requested. Plus you gather to take care of the guidelines. No return labels, no journeys to the store, and no misfortune for you.

Trying out our info is likelihood-free! No longer 100% tickled? We will present you with a elephantine refund anytime internal 60 days of your have.


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