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NEW YEAR 2023 / Vibration Soar Re-optimized!
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“Comprise there are twelve a mode of dimensions?”

I became once frightened.

I knew that there were three dimensions, per chance even four… nonetheless twelve?

I might per chance per chance now not comprehend how that became once that that you just can per chance presumably also trust, nor might per chance per chance I undercover agent the correlation of how this applied to me and my screwed-up lifestyles.

But he continued, explaining that our universe has many dimensions of dwelling invisible to us.

And though we can’t undercover agent them, they affect us.

These unseen dimensions own both sure and harmful energies, and they’ll attach themselves to you, whether you are searching to internet them to or no longer.

Negative energies are continuously called “dark entities”, and they thrive on taking income of the venerable.

Physical illness, stress, trauma, heartache, and other challenges weaken you, making you “energy candy” for these dark entities.

They feed off your suffering, and they’re going to realize the relaxation of their energy to debris up your lifestyles, successfully being, funds, relationships, and so forth.

I stared at him, frightened, and I puzzled…

Might well perhaps well also this be why so many awful issues internet happened to me just no longer too lengthy previously?

Why nothing appears to be like to head just correct, it be no longer related what I attain?

I shuddered to trust how many dark entities would be hooked up to me just correct now, sucking the lifestyles, love, and hope just correct out of me.

And despite the indisputable truth that what he knowledgeable me regarded extra like something from a movie, it made a range of sense.

I might per chance per chance now not help nonetheless contemplate, the entirety became once shapely till I moved into that dwelling.

My hair stood on kill merely involved in it.

Thomas noticed the explore of disbelief on my face, nonetheless he continued.

He defined that a significant series of experiences were performed, many from Ivy League Universities, all proving that there are, genuinely, twelve a mode of dimensions.

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