Nutrition Specialist and Former

TMJ and Tinnitus Sufferer, Teaches You How To:

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  • Without Resorting To Medicine
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Dear TMJ Sufferer,

Sandra Carter

You can well seemingly be about to hit upon what might well well very smartly be primarily the most unprecedented TMJ dysfunction and tinnitus remedy map ever developed. It’s the the same map hundreds of ladies and men, correct esteem you, archaic to permanently heal their TMJ Dysfunction and carry out permanent freedom from tinnitus and jaw, neck and facial anguish, clenching, enamel grinding, unexplained complications, and other TMJ-connected symptoms.

My title, is Sandra Carter and at some level of the final 14 years, thru a prolonged process of trial, error, and experimentation, I in actuality comprise developed a particular-fire, 100% guaranteed, clinically researched map backed by forty five,000+ hours of intense scientific be taught for removal TMJ Dysfunction and connected tinnitus for correct. It’s miles a in actuality rare, highly exciting, and potently unprecedented TMJ and tinnitus healing map, which very few of us even know exists…

  • Topic opening and shutting your mouth
  • Ringing or hissing sounds for your ears
  • Pain in healthy enamel
  • Sinus anguish
  • Sore jaw in the morning
  • Rigidity in the back of the ears
  • Topic Hearing
  • Enamel grinding
  • Locked jaw
  • Enamel clenching
  • Clicking sounds when opening or closing your mouth
  • Unexplained stress in the back of your eyes
  • Hearing loss
  • Unexplained complications

When you are plagued by any of the above symptoms, and must you would possibly be taught recommendations on how to heal your TMJ dysfunction and connected tinnitus permanently, then this would possibly per chance occasionally be an extraordinarily unprecedented letter you are going to ever read. I announce it, and I’ve obtained the outcomes to show hide it!

Wendy Marzetta

“Dear Sandra, I in actuality comprise suffered from chronic enamel grinding along with severe jaw clenching (generally all over the day) , along with constant complications and locked jaw with facial anguish, for years. The acrylic night guard I had wore per the advice of my physician and therapist all over the night had labored for diverse months but rapidly stopped working correctly. I turned into resolute to search out relief for my facial anguish and other connected TMJ symptoms and had by likelihood stumbled upon your program. I am so elated I did! I’ve archaic your program for over 12 days now, and the outcomes are phenomenal. I sleep soundly, my tinnitus has decreased to a manageable level, and the facial/jaw anguish and complications comprise vanished. I am so extremely elated with this dramatic level of development, and I will continue to have a study your step-by-step idea. God bless you!”

Wendy Marzetta (Oregon, USA)

Designate Huetson

“Dear Sandra, seven years ago I turned into enthusiastic with a vehicle smash, and since then I’ve suffered from severe on and off facial and jaw anguish. I’ve tried nearly the complete lot Western remedy has to provide. I visited countless consultants, had CT scans completed, and tried therapies, but to no avail. The doctors talked about that there wasn’t anything else imperfect with me, and that nearly about drove me loopy as I turned into going thru hell from this condition. Consistent with all my symptoms, I turned into diagnosed by a holistic physician as having TMJ, and he had commended your e book to me. After following the solutions for your e book for 11 days, it changed my existence. I obtained immediate relief after following the exciting field of exercises in the e book, and after one week the jaw and face anguish had entirely long gone. I completely wish I would comprise ordered your program years ago. It can well well comprise saved me diverse anguish and pain. Thanks for the complete lot!”

Designate Huetson (Toronto, Canada)

Donna Craven

“Hiya Sandra, I purchased your program because my therapist had warmly commended it, and I in actuality comprise chanced on it extremely rewarding and priceless to explain the least. After bigger than 9 years of plagued by TMJ and connected tinnitus, I managed to conquer the boring night enamel clenching, and all my jaw and facial muscles feel very relaxed. The anguish and complications comprise additionally diminished. Thanks for this preferrred lifesaving manual.”

Donna Craven(United Kingdom)

Daniel Gravois

“Dear Sandra, I chanced for your program by likelihood as I turned into hunting Google for facial and jaw anguish along with finger numbness. I turned into very tremendously bowled over to search out out that my anguish turned into seemingly a symptom of TMJ. The night guard that my dentist had prescribed to me did now no longer resolve the condition, but your program has. In now no longer up to 24 hours, the anguish in my jaw had eased tremendously, and three days after I now now no longer suffer from complications or facial anguish. The anxious ringing in my ears has additionally diminished. I will suggest your program to all TMJ patients. God bless you!”

Daniel Gravois (France)

Edward Swanepoel

“Hi Sandra, earlier than following your program, I had rather a scenario opening my mouth on occasion, and my jaw turned into stiffer than iron. My condition turned into so severe that on occasion I might well well now no longer chunk meals. I turned into in actuality suffering as my face turned swollen, and the clicking sounds when opening and shutting my mouth were driving me nuts. I provided your program after taking diverse muscle-stress-free medications and the employ of mouth guards that did now no longer appear to relieve. I am now an extraordinarily diverse person due to your program. I maintain so relaxed, energized, and entire of existence. The tag turned into so value it! I am now ready to sleep smartly at night, the swelling in my face has disappeared and the excruciating anguish I turned into plagued by additionally lowered to nothing. I am so grateful, I’m in a position to now no longer save it in words. Thanks very primary for your relieve and steering.

Edward Swanepoel (Sydney, Australia)

Bob Stroud

“Dear Sandra, your program is exclusively ingenious with its simplicity, easy-to-read style, and precious step-by-step directions. I in actuality were plagued by TMJ for over 11 years, and I ordered your program because my condition had worsened over the closing couple of months. After one week of following the advice field out for your manual, I maintain so primary higher. It’s unattainable. The ongoing jaw anguish and stress in the back of my ears which comprise tormented my days and nights comprise with out note lowered to this form of manageable level that it in actuality feels esteem magic. I in actuality comprise chanced for your program to be primary extra precious than the entire topic cloth I in actuality comprise gathered thru bigger than a decade of be taught. Thanks for doing this form of immense job. This program is the explain deal. Thanks!”

Bob Stroud (Manchester, UK)

Dr. Felix Gustavsson

“Dear Sandra, I am a Swedish dentist, and I suggest your e book to all my patients who comprise TMJ. I in actuality must dispute you that the giant majority of my patients come back amazed with how primary higher they feel by following the directions for your program. Whereas I am a firm believer in treating most chronic situations the employ of both archaic and pure remedy, the truth that your program helps TMJ patients with out the must elevate capsules or employ mouth guards is exclusively preferrred. Preserve the greatest work, Sandra!”

Dr. Felix Gustavsson (Sweden)

“Your TMJ dysfunction is pulling on the muscles on the side of your face and carrying for your jaw. That’s what’s ended in your jaw to transfer to 1 side and become lopsided.”

As Doctor Samuels held a mirror to my face from an perspective I had now no longer considered earlier than, I shuddered internal when I seen my disfigured face taking a look back at me.

“How might well well this comprise gotten so awful?” I believed.

Potentially the most up-to-date treatments I turned into the employ of, equivalent to splints, mouth guards, Botox injections, and anguish killers gave me nothing but partial and non permanent relief.

Feeling extra heart-broken and hopeless than ever, I appeared over to my husband and our two young of us standing exterior as Doctor Samuels sat down with an earnest look on his face.

“There desires to be something else you are going to be ready to spoil,” I pleaded at him.

I correct couldn’t exercise the the rest of my existence with an uneven face, constant jaw anguish, a lack of sleep, chronic snoring, hearing loss, ear ringing, and hissing sounds besides.

Yet that turned into exactly what I turned into going thru.

This turned into correct 18 months ago… when jaw anguish, ear ringing, and searing neck anguish were my day-to-day fact.
Doctor Samuels warned me of what turned into to come back: “Your facial asymmetry might well well deteriorate and extra obvious,” he talked about.
“That jaw popping will continue to acquire louder and also you can also fetch your jaw locking infrequently and needing scientific relieve to unlock every other time. And let’s now no longer overlook tinnitus and the intense face, head, and neck anguish that TMJ causes.”
It had been 14 years since I’d been diagnosed.
I turned into now completely 35.

I turned into living existence colossal. My profession turned into headed toward the rapid tune; my love existence turned into in full swing; and I had correct purchased my first dwelling. Existence turned into aggravating, and I cherished it!

Then it began: the occasional enamel grinding and one-off loud pop when I broadly opened my mouth.
Then it turned traditional.
And loud.

And by ‘loud’ I imply that a person five feet away might well well hear it.
I rapidly learned to now no longer delivery my mouth your entire manner.


As a result of twice it nearly dislocated when I yawned, which in actuality shrinking the existence out of me.
And then I developed the sensation of clicking, popping, and scraping at any time when I moved my mouth.
It turned into especially anxious when I turned into eating – and it provided a constant reminder to me that issues were gradually getting worse.

Then I began to abilities complications once or twice a week. More anxious than debilitating, they soon changed from clear-sever stress complications to something primary, primary worse.

Sooner than I knew, I experienced hit upon anguish as well to a constant throbbing in my head, ringing in my ears, stress in the back of my eyes, and even some blurring. Shy, I headed to my physician’s location of job. After a pair of tests, he confirmed that I suffered from cluster complications verging on migraines. Relieved it wasn’t anything else extra severe, I began treating my symptoms.

Then came a original field of symptoms: concerns swallowing, clogged and stuffy ears, a sore neck and a backache, anguish in my cheek muscles and shoulders, clenching, worsening sounds in my ears, and I had terrible migraines and severe enamel grinding at night (which turned into so stable I broke diverse enamel over the years). A few extra trips to the physician and a pair of extra tests, but serene no prognosis. I turned into sick and getting sicker.

I for my part chanced on this evil. I love music, I love talking with chums, I abilities motion photos; I needed my hearing.
I turned into shrinking out of my mind that I turned into going deaf.
It began with earaches. And then ringing in the ears.

But it stepped forward to a roughly ‘thickening’ of my ears alongside loud rin,ging especially at night and in the early morning.
All this tiring buildup of anguish and danger wore away at me, my smartly being, my happiness, and my existence.

It wasn’t until a routine consult with to my dentist when I informed him about my most up-to-date scientific concerns (including the sounds in my ears and an anxious clicking and soreness in my jaw) that he suggested I be tested for TMJ Syndrome. Since nothing else had panned out, I agreed, and internal a week I turned into sitting in a specialist’s location of job with a firm TMJ prognosis in hand.

Grateful to in the kill know what turned into responsible for my symptoms – and my growing anguish – I felt sure that relief would soon be on its manner. It wasn’t.

I remember so clearly how upsetting all of it turned into back then.
I visited TMJ boards and what I read shrinking the existence out of me.
Many, many folk had suffered from TMJ for decades.
I learned from their comments that there turned into plenty extra danger to come back.
Worst of all were the of us that talked about their vision turned into turning into distorted.
I turned into already shrinking that my hearing turned into going. To lose my undercover agent too turned into beyond taking into consideration.

It wrecked my profession. I might well well now now no longer listen as a result of intense anguish in my face.
It destroyed my friendships as I turned into isolated in the dwelling, now no longer searching for to hit upon any individual as I turned into constantly grumpy from a lack of sleep.
And it turned into driving a wedge between myself and my husband Jim, as our relationship turned into straining below the stress of sleepless nights… it sucked your entire enjoyable and intimacy out of our relationship.

Jim desired to transfer to gatherings or elevate a outing, but I couldn’t streak along with him quite so much of the time.

I remember on our 12th marriage ceremony anniversary, we planned to transfer to an archaic smartly-known five-celebrity restaurant downtown.

On the night in quiz, I turned into overwhelmed with the anguish in my neck, back, and shoulders, and all over my jaw and the constant loud noise in my ears had in actuality began taking its toll.

I chanced on chewing now no longer ability. The general popping and clicking in my jaw turned into driving me excited and turned into intensely embarrassing.
Assuredly, correct when I believed it couldn’t acquire any worse, the anguish in my face would put me unsleeping all night.
And then, with out note, tinnitus and jaw anguish cranked up ten-fold.
No person knew why.

Consistent with Doctor Samuels,
“I turned into now one in all the 5% to 10% of Individuals plagued by severe TMJ, face distortion, and tinnitus brought on by TMJ dysfunction that on the time had no real remedy.

Sooner than, all these symptoms had been debilitating. Now they were overwhelming.
I might well well barely sleep at all with the constant ringing in my ears and anguish in my upper back and neck. I turned into so tired that my eyes turned permanently bloodshot, and I had darkish bags underneath them from the heavy, never-ending facial anguish.

For a whereas I might well well dampen the anguish with painkillers and jaw muscle relaxants… but now nothing I attempted might well well block out the relentless heavy facial aches and uneven face.

Depression field in.
I turned so offended and quick-fused that I turned into constantly snapping at my husband Jim for nothing.
He turned into correct searching for to relieve.

Years handed with none resolution in undercover agent, and I turned hooked in to the subjects of holistic smartly being and nutrition. I desired to perceive the complete lot there turned into to perceive about recommendations on how to heal TMJ and tinnitus and prevent it permanently – I’ve been completely consumed by this quest. So I began studying – and onerous! I provided every e book on facial and jaw anguish, enamel grinding, nerve anguish, sinus disorders, hearing loss, tinnitus, mouth and muscle therapies, oriental remedy, detoxing, weight-sever fee idea, and nutrition that I might well well acquire my fingers on.

I spent hours on the library swallowing stacks of books, journals, and magazines about TMJ, tinnitus, bruxism, and nutrition and studying every note. I in actuality comprise actually read a entire bunch of medication books from screen to screen. My library rapidly grew to over 327 smartly being and nutrition books, and I read every note nearly to the level of memorizing them.

But I did no longer correct read. I interviewed countless other TMJ sufferers and with out kill picked the brains of every physician, chiropractor, dentist, neurologist, osteopath, herbalist, homeopath and naturopath who turned into kind ample to lend me minutes of their time and fragments of their abilities and data, but I did now no longer fetch a stable resolution to my TMJ and tinnitus.

He labored on the Standard Sanatorium in Boston, ranked in the head 10 in the us for TMJ remedy.
I hoped for a technique out of this waking nightmare of noise, anguish, and incapacity.

The physician cleared his throat…

“There’s something we are in a position to spoil,” he talked about.

My head jerked in opposition to him excitedly.

“We are in a position to are attempting jaw surgical map,” he talked about.

We are in a position to acquire you booked in factual now.

I had tried surgical map earlier than and completely ended up with extra popping and clicking in my jaw.

Even I turned into tremendously bowled over at my response.
I archaic to be in actuality easy-going.

I’d smile at everybody I met – until this condition obtained me in its unrelenting grip.
But that’s how low TMJ anguish and tinnitus had dragged me down.

At that moment, I felt hope itself draining from my body.
My shoulders sank and my head bowed as the heavy realization field in.
I turned into going to be stuck in this painful, debilitating condition for the the rest of my existence.
The words came slipping out of my mouth to my husband.

I turned into offended on the doctors, the dentists, the chiropractors, and the therapists who had no retort for me, now no longer even a cause as to why this turned into occurring. For 14 years, they had completed almost nothing to relieve.
But most of all, I turned into offended at myself for being so helpless.

All I wished turned into to acquire back to my archaic self every other time. My archaic face. No anguish. No loud pops when opening my mouth wide. No ear ringing.
But I couldn’t. I didn’t know the diagram.

I’d completed that a million times due to my progressing TMJ and tinnitus.

You hit upon, I constantly desired to scuttle to Asia.

And as I turned into drowning my sorrow whereas browsing the Internet, an ad popped up for an inexpensive closing-minute flight to Hong Kong, leaving the next day.

Sooner than I might well well judge the anguish, irritation from tinnitus, and embarrassment of flying internationally with my ‘original uneven face,’ I provided the mark and commenced packing.

I believed it couldn’t be extra painful than staying in my dwelling.

After tossing and turning for about 12 hours, as tired as I had ever been in my existence and tortured with ear ringing and jaw anguish, I checked in after which obtained out of the hotel and sat down on the predominant restaurant I might well well fetch.

Then something unheard of came about.

An archaic Chinese lady came over to me and, with out announcing a note, poured me a cup of Chinese tea.

Then, earlier than I might well well account for, she appeared at me with empathy.

And then requested with a chunk of broken but sure English: “TMJ?” “Certain!” I replied with primarily the most tremendously bowled over expression on my tired, painful face.

“How did you perceive?” I requested her.

She smiled and talked about, “Your jaw. I hit upon. You wait, OK?” and disappeared correct into a runt room subsequent to the kitchen.

Successfully, I turned into shy, but what else might well well I spoil as opposed to drink my tea and look forward to her return?

Sooner than I knew it, the archaic lady came back with a yellowish, archaic out notebook and handed it to me: “You read this and also you spoil this, OK?”

Sooner than I might well well quiz “why” and “what,” she gently positioned the palm of her hand on my shoulder and talked about, “You be healthy, OK?” I thanked her and ordered some soup. Then I rapidly opened the notebook. It had all forms of illustrations of human heads, human jaws, facial expressions, arrows surrounding them, neck actions, postures etc. Each illustration turned into accompanied by directions in Cantonese.

She talked about that her husband (who turned into on the time 95 years archaic) had once suffered from TMJ concerns.
He additionally had a dislocated jaw and noise in his ears, and the exercises in the notebook had been copied from an feeble clear up e book given to him by a Chinese monk on a street outing 31 years ago.

The archaic lady added that, by following the exercises in the notebook for completely diverse minutes day-to-day, her husband turned entirely free from TMJ anguish and tinnitus.

I ran back to the hotel with excitement and rapidly faxed the notebook to a legitimate friend in Ohio who turned into born and raised in Hong Kong and pleaded him to translate the text in these 50-something pages into English and mail it over to me a.s.a.p.

For the next 7 days, I devoted every morning to following the directions with the illustrations in the notebook exactly.

I invested about 3 to 5 minutes a day… and after 8 days, something miraculous came about:

For the predominant time in years, my jaw loosened up and I felt no anguish. I appeared in the mirror and the asymmetry turned into long gone.

And wager what? The noise in my ears that turned into driving me loopy turned into long gone.

I additionally had energy esteem a 12-year-archaic…

I ran back to the restaurant. It turned into approx 10 p.m. and it turned into serene delivery.

The mysterious lady came up to me from in the back of and requested in broken English:

“Now, the best diagram you are feeling?”

Judge me when I notify…

Her title turned into “Chunhua.”

As we began to chat, she informed me she came from a runt village in southeast China.

She right away identified my TMJ condition thanks to my facial asymmetry and knew for sure that the facts in the notebook that after helped her husband build away with his TMJ would be a existence saver for me.

I ate at Chunhua’s restaurant on each day foundation of my outing.

But even extra importantly, I squeezed every tumble of files that I might well well very smartly be ready to acquire out of her. And he or she turned into bigger than comfy to piece it with me.

A few days earlier than I left, she made me promise, and I swore I would put it.

She talked about that since so many folk in the Western world suffered from TMJ and tinnitus esteem I did, I deserve to serene streak back and relieve them with the complete lot I had learned.

“Jog relieve these in need,” she made me promise!

After bigger than 14 years of diligent work and in-depth day-to-day be taught, after experiencing diverse eureka moments, and after a prolonged process of trial and mistake and dozens of interviews and self-experiments, who would comprise believed a archaic out notebook from an archaic lady who works in a cafe in Hong Kong would possibly per chance be the clear-sever but finest resolution I has searched for – for thus prolonged! Out of your entire fact and proof, misconceptions and lies… the TMJ puzzle had in the kill been solved.

It took me a pair of extra years working with three chiropractors and two dentists, who were additionally chums of mine from Sweden, to polish, refine, and finest the 3-minute exercise protocol and to perceive exactly what labored and what did no longer. Certain, after decided trial and mistake, countless of ineffective treatments, disappointments, anguish, frustration and agony, a clear-sever 3-minute exercise map opened the door to my original and much brighter TMJ- and tinnitus-free existence. I turned into additionally infected to hit upon that my TMJ and other connected symptoms had dramatically diminished. After years of suffering, I turned into in the kill free from TMJ and tinnitus!

Two of the three chiropractors I turned into working with to refine the protocol were working in a top-level scientific faculty be taught center, and they began to trial our TMJ and tinnitus exercise protocol on a take a look at neighborhood in the US of 170 of us that suffered from soft to severe TMJ and tinnitus.

After correct 15 days, the experiment’s outcomes were astonishing:
93% of the neighborhood now now no longer suffered from TMJ symptoms, and the finest 7% had no symptoms after one other 18 days.

What’s even extra thrilling is that it labored on all forms of TMJ concerns and on all ranges of severity and with ladies and men of any age.

All ladies and men who archaic this trend had experienced the next benefits:

  • Their TMJ condition turned manageable very rapidly (the frequency and intensity of the anguish and stress in the mouth, jaw, and neck field and the enamel grinding dramatically decreased) after which entirely vanished, never to construct every other time.
  • Of us that suffered from TMJ-connected tinnitus reported that the sounds of their ears tremendously diminished.
  • The feeling of tension, agitation, and exhaustion from TMJ vanished in a topic of days.
  • Any other TMJ-connected symptoms they had, equivalent to soft to reasonable anguish in the ear and in the back of the eyes, migraines, clenching, or the sensation of fullness in the ear were entirely eliminated.
  • Their non-public relationships dramatically improved and so did their productivity at work.
  • They felt happier, calmer, and extra packed with life.
  • They experienced dramatic improvements in other unrelated smartly being situations.
  • They felt rejuvenated and reported taking a look younger and extra shiny.

Lena Fillion

“Dear Sandra, for years I suffered from chronic enamel grinding along with clicking and hissing sounds in my ears and severe jaw clenching (generally all over the day) along with constant complications and locked jaw with facial anguish. The acrylic night guard I had archaic on the advice of my physician and therapist had labored for diverse months but then stopped working correctly. I turned into resolute to search out relief for my facial anguish and other connected TMJ symptoms and by likelihood stumbled upon your program. I am so elated I did! I’ve archaic your program for correct over three days now, and the outcomes are phenomenal. I sleep soundly and the facial/jaw anguish and complications comprise vanished. I am so extremely elated with this dramatic level of development, and can continue to have a study your step-by-step idea. God bless you!”

Lena Fillion (California, USA)

Neomi Badesha

“Dear Sandra, I turned into very skeptical earlier than starting your program, but for the reason that dear night guard I turned into the employ of safe my enamel but did now no longer primarily resolve the foundation cause of the grinding, I believed I would give your program a shot. After four nights, I with out a doubt seen that my jaw and face anguish had dramatically decreased. That very night, I did now no longer save my mouth guard on but I experienced tiny or no enamel grinding. This day, my TMJ and connected tinnitus are 100% long gone and my husband says he would no longer hear me grind anymore. I now now no longer clench all over the day, and my enamel feel and look noticeably higher. Your program is a real lifesaver.

Thanks every other time!”

Neomi Badesha (South Africa)

Which physician, chiropractor, or nutrition specialist is factual for you?
If the prognosis is refined and the provision of the anguish is so unknown – or now no longer ability – to pin down, then you definately might well well as smartly gamble for a resolution.

What turned into incredible to me – and it took me rather a whereas to realise this – turned into that the experts I seen didn’t primarily know recommendations on how to remedy TMJ, now to no longer show hide my tinnitus.

To their credit rating, most of them didn’t faux that they did.
But it turned into so incredibly frustrating…

On the one hand, they were real ample to confess the causes were varied and now no longer correctly understood.
Yet, on the opposite hand, some of them suggest a resolution.
… a costly one…

But they primarily talked about they provided no ensures it would work!
I serene remember my preliminary shock on the perception that…

And me?

I had no clue.

I turned into the rabbit in the middle being experimented on.
I correct had to irascible my fingers and hope the tip consequence would be obvious.

There is a archaic surgical clear up for jaw and enamel anguish brought on by TMJ…
Simplest regularly and now no longer in all situations. And if this doesn’t work for me, then what?
In all likelihood a nerve stimulator will relieve?

And how about decompression surgical map?

Surgical operation desires to be belief about when there would possibly per chance be a particular structural cause of TMJ that can completely be improved with surgical map.

Everytime you undertake permanent, irreversible procedures equivalent to braces, equilibration, and arthroscopic surgical map, you speed the menace of permanent changes being made to your mouth and jaw alignment.

Sooner than undergoing any irreversible surgical/dental process, equivalent to braces, equilibration, or surgical map, I would strongly instruct that you just acquire the notion of now no longer now no longer up to two consultants in the discipline to hit upon that the process will bring about predominant ample development to account for both the excessive charges and permanent effects of the surgical process.

Besides to the irreversible outcomes that surgical and dental process can cause, these procedures are additionally very dear. Thought to be one of my surgical procedures turned into going to tag $7000. The physician admitted he turned into now no longer sure it would even work.
And most are now no longer lined by your smartly being insurance coverage, now to no longer show hide the severe concerns that might well well pause up from such an invasive surgical process.


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  • Why you are going to never acquire the entire fact about capsules and awful surgical procedures from nearly any physician (despite the truth that they desired to dispute you, I level to why they CAN’T!).

  • The importance of optimizing your immune map. Spy the best diagram you are going to be ready to originate up feeling primary fitter and ward off TMJ with out kill by boosting your pure immune capabilities.

  • Why this “nearly magical” mixture of three forms of minerals will empower your body’s self-immune mechanism and cleansing abilities (required to acquire rid of TMJ) dramatically!

  • How to forestall the recurrence of TMJ, bruxism, and whiplash, and the best diagram they’re all connected. How to take care of the foundation cause of TMJ, keeping your interior map in optimum condition.

  • Why TMJ is a WARNING trace that something is imperfect for your map and in some situations even a warning trace for plenty worse diseases and what you are going to be ready to be taught from it and spoil about it.

  • The easy and cheap but deadly effective manner for allowing your body to toughen, heal, and provides a boost to itself and thus heal TMJ rapidly and successfully.

  • Potentially the most potent and controversial manner of rejuvenating the muscles for your mouth, jaw, tongue, shoulders, and neck (this essential step on my own has completed wonders for hundreds of TMJ sufferers quicker than they ever belief ability, and it is additionally predominant for preventing habitual TMJ).

  • The TRUTH about yoga as a remedy for TMJ. Can yoga, along with a UNIQUE mixture of exercises, be the retort to your TMJ?

  • The CRUCIAL link between lack of sleep, stress, and TMJ and exactly what you would possibly serene spoil to tremendously control or entirely acquire rid of these afflictions from your existence.

  • The anxious connection between an unbalanced body and TMJ and what you are going to be ready to spoil to bring your body back into stability rapidly.

And judge me… this is correct the tip of the iceberg! TMJ No More™ is so primary bigger than correct an “e book” – or now no longer it is a entire holistic map for sure-fire freedom from TMJ and enamel grinding – seemingly primarily the most entire TMJ remedy map that has ever developed.

From my intensive be taught, I seen that TMJ didn’t correct exist in the jaw and neck field – it existed in the entire upper body.

As with most chronic smartly being situations, there are many causes.
In other words, the jaw, the shoulders, your back, your posture, even the best diagram you breathe all make a contribution to your TMJ anguish.

Thought to be one of many immense issues about these exercises is that they maintain tiny to no effort and sweat.
No longer completely are they easy to have a study, but as well they’re very stress-free and they present you with indecent portions of energy.

You can well be ready to spoil the giant majority of these actions whereas sitting searching at TV and even whereas cooking or studying. The exercises are now no longer intense. You correct must spoil a chunk of on each day foundation.
And they focal level on diverse areas:

The elegance of these exercises isn’t correct the simplicity of them. It’s that you just are going to be ready to omit ones that you just prefer now to no longer spoil.
Excellent spoil the ones you esteem.

The jaw exercises focal level on the many jaw field anxiousness right away and relieve repair the asymmetry.

A series of others focal level on loosening and stress-free the throat and tongue.

Between them, the exercises now no longer completely loosen and serene down the throat and tongue but additionally serene down your shoulders and neck – and even relieve delivery your sinuses.

Then there are body actions.
These primarily target the shoulders and neck field.

Rigidity right here is right away connected to the jaw. These actions decrease tightness and stress that shall be causing your TMJ.

There are additionally breathing exercises:

Respiration actions now no longer completely decrease bodily tension; they decrease stress.
Stress causes bodily tension – and bodily tension leads back to emotional tension.
They’re so intently linked.

The general exercises/actions are extremely easy, clear-sever to have a study and intensely stress-free.

The TMJ No More™ map addresses the interior danger that’s causing your TMJ and connected tinnitus and fixes it permanently. By tackling all TMJ contributing factors the employ of a holistic, multi-dimensional manner, the idea ensures the permanent eradication of the TMJ interior ambiance. Thus you are going to abilities lasting freedom from TMJ concerns and tinnitus and in the kill will be ready to:

  • Assign away with TMJ dysfunction, tinnitus, and enamel grinding safely and permanently with out the side effects of gear or the dangers of surgical map.

  • Correct now acquire rid of all TMJ-connected symptoms equivalent to clenching, painful locked jaw and jaw snapping, sounds or anguish in the ear or in the back of the eyes, a sense of fullness in the ears, complications, and neck, jaw, shoulder and facial anguish that might well well accompany your TMJ condition.

  • Assign away with the stress, alarm, agitation, and exhaustion from TMJ – in a topic of days.

  • Be ready to in the kill sleep smartly at night with out anguish.

  • Primarily feel happier, calmer, and extra relaxed.

  • Primarily feel lighter, fitter, and extra packed with life, and look younger.

  • Journey increased psychological clarity, enthusiasm, and vitality.

Alex Campbell

“Hi Sandra, I ordered your manual on a lark when I turned into experiencing one in all the worst TMJ flareups after dental work. Needless to explain, your entire medications I took did no longer relieve at all. Nonetheless, your exciting field of exercises, along with the opposite steps for your program, comprise completed miracles for my condition. In now no longer up to a week, I wakened with tremendously much less anguish in my face and jaw. A month and a half of later, my TMJ turned into long gone along with the complications and minor enamel grinding. Your program has been plenty extra wise than the very dear mouth guards I in actuality comprise tried once as well to your entire capsules I took. Thanks very primary for all of your relieve.”

Alex Campbell (Montreal, Canada)

Eve Drescher

“Sandra, I experienced tormenting myofascial anguish for over seven years. My physician prescribed diverse capsules. Thought to be this form of capsules turned into Neurontin. Whereas it lowered the anguish for a whereas, my condition turned worse with time. I turned into resolute and seen an unlimited series of dentists and chiropractors, but none of these mavens, including the doctors who x-rayed me, had any conception about the provision of my anguish. Happily for me I did additional be taught and came all over your e book. It turned into so enlightening and entire of hope. Along with your relieve and non-public steering, we developed a idea that suited my particular condition, and internal two days I seen incredible outcomes. I highly suggest your manual to any individual plagued by jaw or facial anguish and other TMJ symptoms. THANK YOU, I maintain so primary higher.”

Eve Drescher (Berlin, Germany)

  • TMJ No More™ accommodates the PERFECT field of exercises. Simply save, to construct away with TMJ anguish, reverse facial asymmetry, and quit connected tinnitus, you wish a entire and focused field of exercises (most programs present completely a pair of), and to work prolonged term, the exercises must serene focal level now no longer completely on the jaw but on every fraction of the upper body as smartly.
  • TMJ No More™ is customizable for your exciting condition – dvery person is entirely diverse. That’s the reason the TMJ No More map entails guidelines on recommendations on how to customise the recommendations and recommendations. You can well be taught step-by-step recommendations on how to be your hang ‘scientist’ and detect refined factors internal your hang body that need attention whereas working with the idea to conquer your TMJ.
  • TMJ No More™ is a lifetime resolution that helps you to permanently prevent, now no longer correct take care of, TMJ and tinnitus. In preference to entirely empowering you, most other recommendations provide coping recommendations for TMJ symptoms and tinnitus when they happen. TMJ No More will level to you a exciting field of protocols and exercises that can free you from ever having one other TMJ dysfunction and tinnitus every other time – if followed correctly. The program delivers LASTING outcomes. By the employ of the factual manner chanced on in this system, you can well well no longer ever must suffer from one other connected symptom for your lifetime.
  • TMJ No More™ turned into authored by a real TMJ dysfunction and tinnitus sufferer.

    For bigger than 14 years I suffered from habitual and customarily severe TMJ concerns, tinnitus, and enamel grinding. This program is now no longer stuffed with theories written by some science geek who never suffered from TMJ. I archaic this methodology myself and serene note it as we keep in touch. I note what I preach. Every thing you are going to read turned into written from a non-public standpoint with non-public abilities and non-public be taught – with none technical jargon.

  • TMJ No More™ is interactive: The program reveals you exactly recommendations on how to conquer your TMJ Dysfunction WHILE you note it.

    As soon as you originate up following the recommendations in this system, you are going to right away hit upon outcomes. With TMJ No More, you are going to originate up noticing dramatic obvious outcomes nearly instantaneously as you originate up following the ways in this system. And the extra you come in in this system, the extra you are going to feel empowered.

  • TMJ No More™ is wise, now no longer demanding and refined, and it in actuality works FAST. Many TMJ programs are very demanding, refined, and assuredly downright unrealistic. The TMJ No More map is modest to naturally incorporate into your life-style. You will no longer must streak too a ways out of your manner to have a look on the directions, nor will you would possibly draw unreasonable commitments to corrupt and absurd regimes or schedules.
  • TMJ No More™ is modest to realise and logically designed. Don’t danger about now no longer vivid primary about human anatomy or scientific terminology. I wrote the TMJ No More idea with the layperson in mind. It’s miles provided in a clear-sever-to-perceive language and a clear-sever-to-note, logical, and organized layout.
  • TMJ No More™ is continuously updated. I be taught original issues each day from persisted be taught, testing, and experimentation. I additionally acquire diverse solutions as to how I’m in a position to toughen TMJ No More from the ladies and men that I counsel. I am therefore constantly refining and perfecting TMJ No More. These updates, no topic how intensive, are made obtainable to my earlier customers without fee!

“Hiya Sandra, I in actuality comprise never given a evaluate in my existence, but I had to after finishing your program and seeing the outcomes. I in actuality comprise suffered from TMJ for over 17 years and comprise archaic diverse diverse mouth guards and consulted with an unlimited series of dentists and consultants, but nobody in actuality provided the relieve I turned into shopping for. I archaic to suffer from severe jaw aches and my molars and throat ended in me such anguish that I turned into resolute for a remedy. I would add that I additionally suffered from gruesome clenching sounds when opening and shutting my mouth. Successfully, after seeing a advice for your program on an on-line forum, I ordered it and the outcomes came so rapidly that I believed I turned into dreaming. I turned into so archaic to living with TMJ that I never belief there turned into an real clear up for it or that I might well well ever are living generally every other time. But your idea turned into so sure and effective that I desired to cry “Thank You.”. It’s incredible that a pair of steps and diverse different exercises day-to-day can acquire rid of this danger once and for all. Thanks so primary for this e book!”

Matt Samons (Montana, USA)

Deborah Monroe

“Dear Sandra, I had been plagued by TMJ for three years when I provided your program and commenced following the step-by-step directions. Three days later, your entire soreness in my jaw, face, neck and molars turned into long gone, and for the predominant time in years, I turned into ready to delivery my mouth broadly with none clicking sounds or anguish. I’m in a position to now bite more difficult meals and spoil now no longer suffer from anguish wherever in my face and jaw field. I maintain so primary higher now. No local physician or specialist might well well relieve me as primary as your manual. I’m very grateful for all of your relieve and for penning this e book. Thanks for being this form of kind spirit”

Deborah Monroe (Novel Jersey, USA)